WordPress dominates the ‘net

WordPress dominates the ‘net

WordPress is a powerful and popular tool for creating multi-functional sites.

“Popular” is an understatement; if any content management system can claim worldwide web dominance, it’s WordPress, the engine behind 28 percent of all sites in this entire world wide web.

What’s so great about WordPress?

Why do so many people use it? A couple of key reasons:

  • It is an open-source solution, with thousands of fans and evangelists, myriad resource sites to help you learn and solve problems, and many theme options to create a site that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.
    • Open-source basically means that the source code is available to any and all developers, bound by a code of ethics that can be found at opensource.org.
    • This structure facilitates the existence of the thousands of plugins that enhance WordPress functionality.
  • Multiple contributors (WP.org): It is relatively easy to set it up so that various individuals can edit parts of your website, but with limited user access so that it’s less likely that a well-intentioned contributor will accidentally “break” the site.
  • WordPress is free. Send no money now. As always, free stuff comes with caveats, as follows, but in the big picture, it’s a highly economically-viable solution for anyone with a computer and internet access.
    • WordPress.com websites, where you truly can have a 100% “send no money now” experience have extremely limited options compared to WordPress.org websites. For instance, plugins are not available. And, your site will display advertising that you cannot control unless you sign up for a paid plan.
    • WordPress.org websites offer much more control and enhanced functionality with plugins and more, but it requires you to have a web hosting plan and a domain established — and these cost money.

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